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Licensed in the State of Arizona to prescribe all topical eye medications and many oral medications for the diagnosis and treatment of many eye diseases, conditions, and injuries, as well as detecting numerous general health issues. We now offer an ultra wide field retinal scan with the Optomap imaging instrument.

Dr. Stein is building a strong practice at Target by offering the most comprehensive, courteous, full service professional eye care available, including general eye examination, contact lens fitting, as well as the aforementioned medical optometric services.

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Advanced Technology

Our staff ensures that our office is equipped with the latest technology so that we can give you the safest and most accurate care possible. Our cutting-edge equipment was designed with your comfort in mind.

Comprehensive Services

There's no need to travel around town to get the eye care you need. Our optometrist is a one-stop shop providing a wide array of services for you and your family. Visit us today!

Experienced Professionals

Your health is of the utmost importance to us. Our optometrists have been practicing for years to hone their abilities so that your family gets the highest quality of eye care.

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