Emergency Eye Care

Have you or a loved one experienced an injury to an eye? Searching for emergency eye care in Arizona? At Philip E. Stein, OD we understand that emergencies can happen at any moment and are proud to offer emergency eye care for anyone in need. When it comes to our senses, vision is truly a precious gift. Unfortunately, our eyes can actually be quite vulnerable and fragile. It is impossible to predict when someone may get pink eye or even an eye injury. Therefore, we are happy to always provide urgent eye care services when you are in need. Prior to visiting our eye clinic, we recommend contacting us to let us know what is going on so we can be prepared for your arrival. Not sure you are experiencing an emergency? Call and ask! We are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Emergency Eye Care

Experiencing sudden vision loss or double vision? Have you scratched your eye or are suffering from sudden eye pain? At Philip E. Stein, OD we provide a range of treatment options perfect for treating any of your eye emergencies. Some of the frequently seen ocular emergencies at Philip E. Stein, OD include:

  • Scratched Cornea
  • Lacerated Cornea
  • Light Sensitivity
  • Eye Pain
  • Floaters
  • Dark Spots
  • Flashing Lights
  • Red Eye
  • Pink Eye
  • Vision Loss
  • Double Vision
  • Sudden Blindness
  • Foreign Body Removal

Experiencing a different eye-related emergency? Feel free to contact us to see if we can help with your emergency. Although broken or lost eyewear can really ruin your day, it is not considered an eye care emergency, and an appointment will need to be made to replace or fix your eyewear. Prior to visiting Philip E. Stein, OD in Arizona for emergency eye care, please let our receptionist know of your situation and reason for your visit.

Get Emergency Eye Care Right Away

In need of emergency eye care in Arizona? Contact Philip E. Stein, OD right away. We’d be happy to get you into our eye clinic to provide you with the emergency eye care you need.