Glaucoma Evaluations

Have you been experiencing blurred vision, distorted vision, or vision loss? Wondering if you may be suffering from an eye-related condition? At Philip E. Stein, OD we are proud to offer glaucoma evaluations in Arizona. Glaucoma is a group of eye abnormalities that can result in damage to the optic nerve of the eye. High pressure in the eye is typically the source of damage to the optic nerve. However, glaucoma can result from varying pressures in the eye as well. Secondary glaucoma may also be caused due to eye trauma, infection, inflammation, steroid use or even neovascular glaucoma. Interested in visiting our eye doctor in Arizona for a glaucoma screening? Contact Philip E. Stein, OD today, we’d be more than happy to add you to our schedule.

Glaucoma Evaluations

When it comes to managing and monitoring your eye health, it is extremely important to visit your optometrist for regular eye examinations. Those with a history of optic nerve disorders (glaucoma) should have more frequent examinations to monitor for any changes.

Glaucoma Management

Although there is no cure for glaucoma or way to even prevent damage, the condition can be slowed down, and progression of the disease can be halted. Glaucoma management focuses on lowering the pressure in the affected eye. Left untreated, glaucoma will lead to permanent vision loss.

Schedule Your Glaucoma Screening Today

When is the last time your eyes were checked for symptoms of glaucoma? Schedule your appointment in Arizona with Philip E. Stein, OD today. We are always accepting new patients at our eye clinic and would be happy to evaluate your eyes. You can also fill out our online booking form to make your next appointment now!